"Steeple People" is a fictional story about a male gospel quartet and their quirky pianist, "Lola", as they prepare for a two city national tour of Ghana.  Set in Stinking Creek, Tennessee, the group is hosting a charity clothes drive for their upcoming trip to Africa.  Since their church was hit by a delinquent tornado and is still under construction, the local high school has offered up their gymnasium as the venue for this evening's performance.

"Steeple People" is a side-splitting comedy that will also touch the audience in a meaningful way.  Featuring brand new arrangements of more than 15 popular hymns, such as "Down by the Riverside", "Standing on the Promises" and "It is Well With My Soul", Travis Smith has also written a number of new songs that are sure to become fast favorites.    

  • 5  person cast (4M, 1F) See below for cast breakdown
  • 1 unit set - High School Gymnasium
  • 1 costume per actor (various costume props can be added throughout the show  -  ex. hats, jackets, etc)

Singing around the piano Steeple People


LOLA: (Female/40s or older) Piano player for the STEEPLE PEOPLE. She is a little brash and bossy. She is a great pianist, but a horrible singer. Always ready and willing to sing at the worst times. She clashes with IRA but is the glue that holds the group together. Must be a comedic actress that plays the piano well. **(Piano tracks also available as Lola can ”fake” play) 

JAXSON: (Male/20s) Tenor 1 for the STEEPLE PEOPLE. Suffers from Social Anxiety Disorder. Can easily slip into a spaz attack/melt down. Does not understand humor or sarcasm. Naïve and very dry. Says outrageous things in a deadpanned manner. Must be able to sing harmonies confidently. 

BEAUREGARD or “BO”: (Male/20s) Tenor 2 for the STEEPLE PEOPLE. Talks very slow with a thick southern accent. Country-boy type. Accident prone and clumsy. Must be able to sing harmonies confidently.

CLAYTON: (Male/30s) Baritone for the STEEPLE PEOPLE. Cultured, charismatic and positive. The voice of reason within the group. Must be able to sing harmonies confidently.

IRA: (Male/40s or older) Bass for the STEEPLE PEOPLE. Grouchy, candid and blase. Clashes with LOLA at times. Must be able to sing harmonies confidently.

WOMAN IN OFFICE: Woman in front office at school that communicates through the intercom system. Can be a pre-recorded voice over.

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